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Mum warns other parents after son eats hand sanitizer packaged in Trolls pouch

A mum in Canada is warning parents and caregivers after she says her young son ingested hand sanitizer thinking it was food.

Nikki Teixeira, of Manitoba, Canada, said her 18-month-old son, Logan, was with his grandmother last month when she handed him what she thought was a fruit puree pouch for a snack.

The pouch, packaged in cartoon branding for the Trolls movie, was hand sanitizer that Teixeira purchased for her 7-year-old stepdaughter.

"I had been shopping with my husband... and they had these hand sanitizers in the middle aisle packaged in cute packages and I had a 7-year-old stepdaughter going back to school and I thought that'd be perfect for her backpack, the way it was packaged and displayed with hand sanitizers, I didn't even think of it looking like a food."

When her stepdaughter said she already had sanitizer for school, Teixeira threw it in her own bag, which Logan does not have access to.

Logan's grandmother, though, had the bag on the day that she cared for him, and handed him the pouch thinking it was a snack that Teixeira, her daughter, had packed.

"He took a sip and immediately turned red and started coughing, so she grabbed it from him and then immediately saw it was hand sanitizer," she said. "She called her neighbor and called 911 because he started to get a little bit dozy and out of it, and then five minutes later he was falling asleep."

Read the rest of the story from abc news here

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