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The benefits of SurSol®


Most SurSol® products are tested and certified to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including: Coronavirus & RNA Enveloped Viruses


Made in the UK, certified to BS EN 1500, BS EN 1276, EN 14476 and ASTM E2315 standards. SurSol™ are trusted products and are supplied into the NHS.


  • SurSol® products are alcohol free! In testing they have been proven to be more effective than alcohol-based products.


  • SurSol® products are ideal for use in educational, religious and BAME communities.


  • SurSol® hand sanitiser does not dry skin out & is suitable for frequent use. Unlike alcohol gels which can irritate the skin & cause dermatitis with prolonged use. It contains natural moisturisers (aloe vera & camomile) included in the formulation.


  • SurSol® hand sanitiser remains active on the skin and kills for up to 4 hours without reapplication.


  • SurSol® products are water based and non-poisonous.




How is SurSol® different from alcohol-based products?

Alcohol is what is called a flash sanitising product and works against germs when wet (which is within 15 seconds) as soon as it dries out it STOPS WORKING. It has no residual germ-killing effect. Once alcohol has evaporated the germ-killing action stops. It is extremely effective for flash/immediate disinfection. Repeated and regular disinfection is required.

Extended use of alcohol sanitizers and extensive washing of the hands has been shown to lead to Irritable Contact Dermatitis (ICD). 85% of health care workers suffer from some form of ICD. As result up to 80% of health care workers in some settings do not apply a sanitizer as often as required by Infection Control. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recommends the use of skin cleansers that do not de-fat skin or contain harsh abrasives. Most alcohol gels have at least 60% alcohol content and will de-fat skin with every use. ICD is now recognised as an occupational hazard for healthcare workers.

...The unique SurSol® formulation


Our unique formulation gives SurSol® the ability to not only kill 99.99% of germs and viruses like some other products on the market, but it also means that it will continue to kill those germs and viruses for up to 4 hours after the first application.

...the best part is that SurSol® products are 0% alcohol which is what makes this formulation even more ground breaking. Our Hand Sanitiser will not dry out skin like other alcohol based solutions on the market.

The 4 hour protection barrier is unique to us and it is what makes SurSol®  the success that it is today. Simply apply SurSol®  to hands or surfaces for this 4 hour protection barrier to work.

If you have any doubts, please let us show you the test reports that a 3rd party conducted on our behalf.

Alcohol Based

Hand Sanitisers


. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers de-fat the skin and DRIES OUT hands.
. Prolonged use Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers can cause DERMATITIS.
. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers CAUSES skin irritation
. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers are ‘Flash Sanitisers’ that ONLY LAST A FEW MINS requiring frequent use, which results in skin drying out and irritation.
. Alcohol ingredient formulations can kill germs, but they are not long lasting and can cause more HARM TO YOUR SKIN.
. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers NOT IDEAL for all sectors, industries, individuals, and communities.
. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers are known to distort DRINK DRIVING breath tests.
. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers CANNOT be left in vehicles, left in hot vehicles will cause damage due to flammability potential.

SurSol® Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Test and certified to kill 99.99% of bacterial and viruses.

PROVEN to kill, PROVEN to be 100% safe to use.

. SurSol® contains NATURAL MOISTURISERS (aloe vera & camomile) included in the formulation.
SurSol® Is KIND it moisturises and sanitises hands
SurSol® DOES NOT dry out skin, DOES NOT cause any skin conditions.
SurSol® DOES NOT irritate skin
SurSol® remains active on the skin and is ACTIVE FOR UP TO 4 HOURS without reapplication
SurSol® products are ALCOHOL-FREE! In testing they have been PROVEN to be more effective than alcohol-based products.
SurSol® DOES NOT distort driving breath tests.
SurSol® is SAFE to leave in vehicles due to its non-alcohol ingredients.

SurSol™ Hand Sanitiser has been tested to EN 14476 and passed with a 30 second and 120 second positive log4 which means that it works within 30 seconds and NOT just the 2 minutes referred to for other Alcohol-Free sanitisers. Compared to other alcohol free products our results far exceed recommended parameters and our log4 is up to 4X faster.


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