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"Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dry out fingernails causing them to become brittle or polish to chip. There are many alcohol-free options that are just as effective and actually healthy for skin and nails."

NIXA, MO (PRWEB) JULY 17, 2012

Women spend billions of dollars every year at nail salons with the majority of that money being spent on manicures and fingernail treatments. What many of those women do not realize is that every time they use their alcohol-based sanitizer it is causing harm to their fingernails and ruining those costly manicures.

The alcohol in many hand sanitizers can dry out polish and crack cuticles, causing polish to chip. “Nails that lack enough moisture often become brittle”, says Cassy Chao, manager of Dream Nails Salon. “Brittle nails don’t receive and hold polish or shellac like a healthy nail bed will.”

Fingernails are made of a tough protein called keratin, which requires plenty of hydration to keep nails strong and flexible. Without moisture, fingernails will become brittle and weak causing them to crack and break, while healthy fingernails, which are properly hydrated, should bend.

“Proper hand sanitation is vital for infection prevention,” says Roger Huckfeldt, MD. “There are many alcohol-free options that are just as effective and actually healthy for skin and nails.”

For more moisturized hands and nails, Dr. Huckfeldt recommends switching to a non-alcohol hand sanitizer, like Hands First 4 in 1. In addition to being alcohol-free, Hands First’s patent pending formula contains many skin healthy ingredients, like aloe vera and allantoin, which restore moisture to hands and fingernails. Hands First is 99.99% effective against harmful bacteria and is medically documented to provide lasting protection for up to three hours without the need to reapply.

“I want to provide the highest quality products and services to my clients, even after they leave the salon”, says Chao. “By encouraging them to simply change their hand sanitizer; I know that I am providing a service that will help keep their hands and nails looking better longer.”

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"It won't take off the polish, but it will break it down and make you more susceptible to chips," manicurist Erica Marton told Reader's Digest. What's worse, using the product can actually cause your nails to become quite brittle, according to clinical dermatologist Zoe Draelos.

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