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Ban Alcohol Hand Sanitisers In Schools

Dear Parents and Educators,

As a devoted Mom and a teacher with a Doctorate in Education, I am always looking for ways to protect the health of children. It is for this reason that I am compelled to start this petition to ban alcohol-based hand sanitizers from schools. You may not know that the 70% alcohol hand sanitizer you are placing in your child’s backpack is 140 proof alcohol by volume rating and is the equivalent to 6 shots of vodka. The presence of such high alcohol content sanitizer(s) certainly jeopardizes all standards of care and safety within our schools. This is clearly why alcohol-based hand sanitizers have already been removed from certain primary schools, supermarkets, and daycare centers.  I am particularly concerned because I have seen videos posted on the internet that show people with horrible burns caused by the incendiary effects of napalm-like alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I have also read news stories of students, who have used an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as a weapon against others. The idea that children of unsuspecting mothers are targeted with candy or cupcake scents and sparkles has really pushed me over the top, especially after reading about a 5 year old who took three sips of a strawberry-chocolate alcohol-based sanitizer and came within 2 minutes of dying. (Video above)  Keeping in mind the clear and present danger of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, rest assured there are alcohol-free alternatives that will protect your children from germ spread in schools. In fact, I found an alcohol-free product in Walgreens and I would encourage all parents to request the same from the stores they frequent. It could be a matter of life or death for some innocent child. Please sign this petition and join me in teaching a very simple lesson: alcohol, in any form, has no place in our schools. Thank you for your support, Dr. Andrea Gancarz

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